How well does your Daddy/Mommy know you?

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This is short fun quiz, littles/subs/pets can play with their daddy/mommy/Owner! You ask the questions and your SO has to answer them, click his answer and see what they get!

Don’t forget to post your results !! I made this especially for my Facebook group! I hope you all enjoy as much as we do. It’s fun and exciting to get know your friends and your SO!

Created by: Amenah

  1. Whats your favorite place to go when in your space?
  2. What’s your “favorite” punishment?
  3. Does your little/sub/pet follow rules?
  4. Does your little/sub/pet enjoy baths ?
  5. What’s your favorite toy?
  6. What’s your favorite little/sub/pet snack ?
  7. Does your little/pet/sub have a bed time ?
  8. Is your little/sub/pet a switch?
  9. Favorite color to wear ?
  10. Do you remember the exact moment you knew you found the perfect little/pet/sub?

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Quiz topic: How well does my Daddy/Mommy know you?