how well do you know the real donna jay?

there are some people who are shy && annoying, but there`s one person who is ultimately cool. && her name is donna jay. try && guess her ultimate secret hidden likings in this quiz.

do Y0U know the REAL donna jay? do you have the knowledge of this wacky girl? until now you could only wonder.... but thanks to this hecka tight quiz, you will soon find out!!

Created by: donna jay of donna jay`s myspace
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  1. do i like school?
  2. what color are my eyes?
  3. what city have i always wanted to visit?
  4. fill in the blank: i had a _____, someday you and me, will find ourselves, in love again...
  5. what are my hobbies?
  6. i am a[n] ______ girl.
  7. what do i ALWAYS have on my right wrist?
  8. truthfully, how much do you think i weigh?
  9. [what am i most likely to say in this situation?] girl: haha, you stupid psycho emo b----!
  10. what`s sports do i like?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the real donna jay?