how well do you know mindy

there many people who think they know mindy but do they??? after they took this quiz they found out that they do not know her as well as they thought!!!!!. but some know her so well it's not even funny!!!(kattie) if you know a person (in this case mindy) too well i think it makes you a good friend that she can talk to and that listens to her

do you know mindy well enough to be called her friend?? can you be the person that gets a perfect score or are you one of those fair weather friends?? need to get to know her better?? take the quiz and find out it just takes a few minutes of your time what else do you have to do look at peoples myspace??

Created by: mindy

  1. what is mindy's middle name??
  2. what is mindy's older sisters name??
  3. how many pets does she have??
  4. what is her dream job??
  5. what color is her car??
  6. who is her best friend??
  7. is her turtle name...
  8. where did she used to live??
  9. did she ever own fish if so what kind??
  10. how many couisins does she have??
  11. who was her 5th grade science teacher?? (good luck!!)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know mindy