how well do you know me [random]

there are some people who thinks they know every thing but do you know me? so lets test and find out.... also i dont care if you rate it or not its cool with me and i really hope you like what i have made cuz i was bord...

do you know me the most random quiz ever made by me for now..... any way i hope you like my 2nd quiz i made both on the 26 of april..:] enjoy this quiz thats might suck or be really good......

Created by: fufe123

  1. how old am i?
  2. my fave color
  3. am i a boy or girl
  4. am i shy
  5. am i the only child
  6. what do i wear
  7. am i bord or sleepy or both
  8. am i new or old to GTQ
  9. am i fat or skinny
  10. do i have a pet
  11. was this random

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me [random]