How well do you know me (2013)?

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This is about Selena112, the raddest pickle this side of the moon. Selena kind of hates it when musicians make songs so that they're different in both earbuds.

It sounds awesome when she's curled up crying in her room but not so much when she's lounging on her couch making quizzes on an iPad with one earbud hanging out. That was on sentence.

Created by: Selena112

  1. How old am I (1-12-14)?
  2. What do I think of school?
  3. What is my real name?
  4. What is my ALL TIME favorite artist/band?
  5. Which of these bands do I like?
  6. What's my favorite food?
  7. Which of these is my favorite extracurricular?
  8. Where am I from?
  9. What do I ship?
  10. It's fairly obvious that I speak English... What language am I learning?
  11. What is my main hobby?
  12. Thanks for taking my quiz! Bye.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me (2013)?