How well do you know Madi W?

This quiz for my friends only, or to people who are just REALLY bored. Enjoy, and I hope that you do well. This quiz is hard. Good luck, you're gonna need it.

Are you my best friend, a pretty good friend, friend, or a total stranger? Take my quiz and find out. Like I said before, good luck, and I hope you do good.

Created by: Madi937

  1. What is my favorite sport?
  2. What's my favorite animal?
  3. How many pets do I have?
  4. When's my birthday?
  5. What's my sister's name?
  6. How many first cousins do I have?
  7. What's my favorite color?
  8. I have a lot of health problems. Which of these was my central health issue?
  9. What's my favorite book?
  10. What's my favorite song?
  11. Every year, my family takes a vacation where?
  12. Who's my favorite singer?
  13. Who's my favorite artist?
  14. Where do I play on the softball field?
  15. What's my favorite subject?
  16. Which of these things do I dislike the most?
  17. What's my favorite hobby?
  18. What's my favorite kind of music?
  19. What's my favorite TV Show?
  20. How many surgeries have I had?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Madi W?