how well do you know itsfunneh and the krew?

This is a itsfunneh and the krew quiz. if you don't know who they are, then please don't try this quiz. you might get a 0% also if you don't know who they are, then you will mostly say, i don't know

This is a itsfunneh and the krew quiz. If you know them, then come along go to my quiz! be sure to subscribe to them and like their vids to understand!

Created by: Angela

  1. what day did itsfunneh made a draw my life? (plz don't search up it in google or youtube)
  2. How many subscribers does she have? (November 2018)
  3. Who is in the krew?
  4. What was the last video in the playlist "Roblox Family" that itsfunneh made? And when was it made?
  5. Does itsfunneh have siblings? if its correct, tell who are those siblings?
  6. What year did Itsfunneh and the krew made the video, "MYSTERY PIZZA CHALLENGE w/ THE KREW!"?
  7. Whats Itsfunneh's real name?
  8. Whats Gold's real name?
  9. Whats Draco's real name?
  10. Whats lunar's real name?
  11. Whats Rainbow's Real name?
  12. Who is the yougest of all of the krew? If you know it, say their name and how old they are. (2018)
  13. Who is the oldest of all of the krew? if you know, then say their age. (2018)
  14. Did funneh ever did a "Face Reveal"?
  15. What is Itsfunneh's hair color?
  16. Whats draco's hair color?
  17. Whats Lunar's hair color?
  18. Whats Rainbows hair color?
  19. Whats Gold's Hair color?
  20. Where does itsfunneh live?
  21. In the Video, "EPIC FORTNITE FOOD FIGHT! TOMATOES VS. BURGERS!" Did they won the food fight?
  22. In the video, "EPIC FORTNITE FOOD FIGHT! TOMATOES VS. BURGERS!" What team where they on?
  23. What hat does Rainbow have? (roblox)
  24. What hat does Itsfunneh has? (roblox)
  25. What hat does Draco have? (Roblox)
  26. What hat does Gold have? (roblox)
  27. What Hat does Lunar has? (roblox)
  28. Was itsfunneh Bullied when she was little?
  29. Did itsfunneh ever play, "Weight Lifting Simulator 3"? (Roblox)
  30. Did the crew play other games then roblox and minecraft? If you know, then say the three other games I'm gonna say.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know itsfunneh and the krew?