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Hey welcome to the most amazing DC Comics quiz ever I'm a big geek for DC bu any who I really hope you like it and I'm typing words just so you know...

Any way when finished with quiz please rate and comment would help a lot and if you help me out on my quizZES I might add you in the next shout out awards to win prizes believe it or not

Created by: Marceline 101

  1. Ok first Q. Is there actually DC charictars named fire and ice
  2. Ok first Q. Is there actually DC charictars named fire and ice
  3. Sorry folks that it doubled this thing glitches but oh well any way Q.2. How many robins are there
  4. Ok match first name to last name. Timothy ________.
  5. Ok now for teen titans in the new 52 series who helps solstice escape from N.O.W.H.E.R.E
  6. What was beast boy's original color
  7. Who am I questions now
  8. I'm big but not all bad I rhyme a lot isn't that sad people call me a monster but can I help it no I'm human and devil
  9. My mother is evil father is good..who am I I'm a side kick and the true son
  10. I'm a princess. I'm no princess, more like warrior with my sisters. I was born from my mother quite differently. Of magic clay
  11. How many brothers does raven have
  12. Who is slade
  13. Ok please rate and comment

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Quiz topic: How well do I know DC Comics