How well do you know DanTDM

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Hi Guys this is my quiz on DanTDM (Dan if you play this it would make my day) anyway that's besides the point this is simply a Yes,No or maybe Question quiz and its actually very Simple And that is my quiz hope you enjoy!


Created by: Jake Joseph Paul

  1. Does Dantdm have any pets?
  2. Is Dan Married?
  3. Has Dan created a Minecraft Horror map?
  4. Does Dan Still make minecraft videos?
  5. Has Dan got more than two pets
  6. Does Dan Collab With other Youtubers?
  7. Does Dan Have More than 2 channels?
  8. Does Dan Dye his hair?
  9. Is Dans Sur name Middleton?
  10. Does Dan Still play Pokmon Go?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know DanTDM