how well do u kno me

ThiZZ iZ a QuiZ 2 See HoW MuCh U KnO bOuT Me... I kNo MaNY PeOpLe BuT FeW WhO ReaLLy KNO ME. A PerSoN wHo KnowS Me ShoUld KnO ThA BaSiCs aBouT me. ShoUlD bE AbLE tOo AnSwEr a QueStiOn in A SNaP oF tHA fIngErz

Do YoU KnO Me... WeLL EnoUgH tOo ConSiDeR uS FriEndZ? WeLl ThIzZ QuiZ WiLl SeE HoW MuCh YoU KnO AbOut Me... WeLl thanks to this great quiz in just a MomEnT you will find out

Created by: tata

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  1. WaTs mA fAv JuiCe?
  2. WhEns Ma B-DAY?
  3. wAt YeAr WaZ I BoRn?
  4. WhEre Do I LiVe RiGhT NoW?
  5. WaTs mA FaV ColOr?
  6. WatS Ma LaSt NamE?
  7. wAtS mA FaV SpoRt?
  8. Wat yEaR Am I GonNa GraDuAtE?
  9. WhErE Am I fRoM
  10. wAtS mA FaV SubJeCt?

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