how weird are you???

THIS IS A QUIZ AND IT HAS QUESTIONS (you must provide the answers) random words: in zoo nose fur good legs in muffins flavored hobos red mushrooms hairs

THIS IS PARAGRAPH 2 ! ! AND I DON'T FEEL LIKE pressing 150 words! random words: kindle fairs don't lick blue running hoses from feet gone to the last went yearly feet

Created by: me

  1. okay... so...why'd you take this quiz??
  2. what do you do in your free time??
  3. what do you normally eat for lunch??
  4. have you ever worn shoes made out completely of duct tape to school??
  5. do you make people smell your grapefruit?
  6. do you know what a pummelo is??
  7. do hair dryers annoy you?
  8. HI!!!
  9. what time is it??
  10. was this a quiz???

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Quiz topic: How weird am I???