How To'z presentes: How To Stab Pizza

Colours I know: red orange yellow blue green purple pink manilla white black grey silver gold ceruclean terracotta copper hazel brunette plad dotted striped

adjectives: big tiny holy bad dumb orange translucent slim hairless shiny armless happy green sad dead live purple soft disembodied smelly smart religious devilish

Created by: The best tomboy

  1. OuO hai
  2. Step 1. Make a pizza
  3. (or buy one)
  4. Step 2. get a fork or kitchen knife
  5. Step 3. put pizza on plate
  6. Step 4. grasp knife/fork tightly
  7. Step 5. slam down fork/knife on pizza
  8. Step 6. enjoy your stabbed pizza :]
  9. fun?
  10. bai OuO

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