How Stupid Are You?

there are many smart people, but few geniuses. are u a genius, a jerk, an idiot, or other? that will be for u to decide in ur long journey of learning.

as u take this path, u will begin stupid and may end stupid. but you can learn from your mistakes. What? hold on, i got a phone call..........oh. it was a butt dile.

Created by: enderbrine813

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  1. WHAT IS.................2+2?
  2. What is........@+%
  3. What does this mean: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  4. how many holes in ur face?
  5. Hello
  6. are u ready?
  8. uummmm.......
  9. bye
  10. is it.........

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Quiz topic: How Stupid am I?