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  • I'm not popular at all .-.

    Your Anime Maid
  • Extremely popular. Like I am so popular! Most popular girl in school I have the most hottest bf! Like of course I am like so hot and pretty btw I am the hottest girl in school!!

  • now we r talking im like a runner

    miss berry rose
  • How Popular are You? (be Honest)
    Your Result: Extremely Popular (queen bee)

    You always have a buddy by your side no matter what. Your super outgoing and love to talk! People look up to you! You always have a friend talking on the phone or msning you.


  • Extremely popular.
    Well, I'll tell you why that's probaly true..
    Im good at advice and comforting
    im the fastest GIRL runner in my class
    In the advance math group
    In advance spelling group
    Advance writing...
    I could go on and on all day...
    But im going to save my time and stop
    Sorry if you feel lke i bragged
    I dont wanna be a bragger

  • Extremely popular, thought so and know so!

    Luna Rocksters

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