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  • I live in Ohio and still don't know my s***

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  • I am an Ohio native and have lived in several locations in the state. There were so many errors in this quiz, I left several questions unanswered; e.g., of the three pronunciations, only Olentangy was phonetically correct in option 2, the football team question was bizarre in that the supposed correct answer included one college and two pro team locations, Ohio is the "heart" of it all, not the heartland, the Miami question made little sense as none of the answers relate to Ohio. All in all a bad quiz

    • Miami is a college

    • i agree, i lived in Ohio for almost 12 years and i failed the quiz somehow. this wasnt very accurate

  • Born in Columbus (not far from the olen tan gee river), schooled at Marietta & Miami, lived in Celina (20 miles from wa pa ka NET a, 50 miles from bell fountain) for the last 40...I say your quiz has some weak spots; not to mention spelling/grammar errors! Buckeyes are nuts AND a football team.

    • Buckeyes are nuts, football team, and candy

  • I am a cisgender asexual who recently visited Ohio. With all due respect, it was the worst experience of my life. You'd think it would be a run-of-the-mill, regular trip. However, I was immediately bamboozled by the racist people who worked at the entrance. I had never been so humiliated in my life. Then, when I arrived at my hotel room, I was found a whole Zebra in my room. I reported it but they said it was just standard procedure in Ohio. Tf!? Then, to top it all off, I stopped by Baskin Robins for some ice cream and I saw that they had a "Viagra" flavour. That was the last straw. Damn you, Ohio!!

    • To Ohioans like myself, that actually is a run-of-the-mill, regular trip. I'm honestly shocked that you didn't mention the bipolar-depressive weather. Well anyways it could have been much worse, you should be grateful that the Corn hasn't gotten to you.

  • 'Numbers 8 and 16 can not be answered. The questions are not correct. And among other things Dresden is NOT spelled Dresdan. And, several other boo-boos. I am not quite 80 and have only lived here all my lie, so what do I know? 85%? I don't think so. Improper wordings and/or spellings can greatly influence quiz results.

    Ken H
  • It would help if things were spelled correctly; this was terrible. It's "Cincinnati." Also, you might as well consider Detroit an Ohio football option, given the number of Lions fans in Toledo (what the hell are we going to cheer for? The Browns?). Also, really, NONE of the pronunciation options for the Cuyahoga/Bellefonta ine/Wapakoneta question were correct; the people I knwo who live there pronounce it Bell-FOUNTAIN, and most people just pronounce Wapakoneta "WHOP-ock." If they have to, it's Whop-uh-kun-ETTA.

  • Cleveland and Cincinnati are NOT interchangeable.

    Canada is too far away to go just to drink.

    Kings Island, NOT Cedar Point, is the amusement park of choice.

    And down here, you can order a pop or a coke.

  • I live in Ohio and cannot stand the Buckeyes and I will not be penalized as such. Am a Bengal fan and hate the Browns so once again will not be penalize as such. Quiz given by a Tressle/Bernie loving idiot.

  • I know this is just for fun. With that being said have your fun but know this. Im not a sports person Im in my schools theater club Im a proud tuba in the band. A little less sports and a little more history, ya know the stuff we actually learned in 4th grade. Thank you.

    Tara Mola
  • Wow. Dumbest Ohio quiz EVER. Lived here all of my 34 years and only got 67%. I live 10 miles from Wapakoneta and trust me, NONE of those pronunciations were correct. Who authored this quiz? Somebody from another continent?

    True Buckeye
  • 60% really? Born and raised in Cleveland, and some of those questions I just had no clue. Ahe county pronunciations were SO off. Plus, Cedar Point, really? King's Island is the better amusement park. Whatever.

  • Numbers 8 and 16 can not be answered. The questions are not correct. And, among other things Dresden is NOT spelled Dresdan. And, other boo-boos. But, I won't be 80 until my next birthday and have only lived here all my life, so what do I know?

    Ken H
  • I am angry because I'm from Ohio and this quiz is giving me a bad percentage BUT some of the questions were very unclear and definitely couldn't have determined a true percentage.

  • I was born in Cincinnati and some of the questions I don't even know stuff about. Why do people make these "How [INSERT TOPIC HERE] Are You" quizzes anyways?

  • PLEASE when posting quizzes, make sure you're spelling words correctly.

    Your spelling is important, you should've gone over your work.

  • You are 35% Ohio

    I'll give you one more try. If this is still your score, you should be very ashamed to call yourself an Ohioan. Move to Michigan where they are all stupid. lol

    Bor n And Raised In Ohio...
    SAD... :D...
    Im Moving West...
    ~Sie rra

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      Much Love,
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    • ...thats defenatly a scam

  • People saying that Kings Island is better than Cedar Point should automatically score a 0%. Cedar Point is the best in the world & true Ohioans should know that.

    • i hear more people talk about Kings Island more than Cedar Point, but they seem to have about the same popularity. I havent been to either tho so i dont have a say

  • 60% what the heck!? I was born in Ohio and lived in Ohio my whole life so far. I'm not even an adult, though. Some of these questions are a little hard.

  • i've lived in Ohio my whole life and am only a kid so some of the questions with beer and cuss words made me uncomfortable so i quit cuz i know Ohio really well anyway

  • My score is sad because I live in Ohio.

  • Knee high by the 4th of July! :3 I thought that phrase was only used in my family.

  • lol i've lived in ohio all my life so what- like seriously, explain how i got an 80% when the buckeyes are a football team, candy, AND nuts?! and Bellefontaine is pronounced behl-FOWN-tuhn so i dont wanna hear it.

  • That was the worst Ohio quiz I've ever read... I am confused on the buckeye one as of which it is. Nut or Team. It's both for Christ's sake!

    Master Ohio
  • Actually okay. Born and currently lives in Ohio.

  • YOUR instead of YOU'RE

    Not very well done. I lived 9 yrs in Cinti and 14 near CLV, so I knew most of the references. But green bean casserole didn't even come up!


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