How Much Of An Adult Baby Are You?

This is a scored quiz. It will determine whether you are an adult baby or not.this is just for fun. select the answer that closest respembles your answer.

If you don’t know what an adult baby is, then I’d advise you don’t take this quiz. This quiz has an intended audience which other people may not want to join.

Created by: BabieRachie

  1. You wake in up in a ______
  2. What are you wearing as you wake up?
  3. Do you have a paci in your mouth?
  4. Your gf/bf comes in and what do they do to you?
  5. Best way to walk
  6. Pick
  7. Food time!
  8. Do you need to go potty?
  9. State of your pants?
  10. Your in the grocery store and need to go potty
  11. Can you hold it when you need to go potty

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Quiz topic: How Much Of An Adult Baby am I?

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