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  • Megazoid girly!!! I am happy with that

  • I am a 26 year old man and I was shocked by the grammar in this quiz.

  • Girly.
    In the 80-90% Megazoid Girly.
    30-40% Girly.
    17% dude.

    I want 0% dude. But I'll always have dem bodies. Darn it.

  • My results were: MEGAZOID GIRLY!
    Girly 77%
    Are you a dude 11%

    "Wow, chillax with the frill and da pink. You r wayy girly. Sometimes this can be good, but watch out. It could come back to daintily or not so daintily bite you"

    Totally cool! I'm a guy---but totally one of "the girls" yk? I am not gay, but I am just like me. It does cause me some problems with the "tough" guys now and then. But, I have lots of good friends who are female, as well as boys so I feel good about myself and because they accept me I got less garbage than I could. I guess I am "transgender" but that doesn't mean I'd ever have my sex changed even though I'd definitely prefer to be female---my spirit, self-image, personality etc. are female I guess, but I was born like this and brought up as a guy... Can't really change that.

    Luv being girly!! Kris

  • Gosh I got I'm so Girly and I'm a boy. Ha so cool...!!!

  • Gosh I got I'm so Girly and I'm a boy. Ha so cool...!!!

  • yay i got equal balance it was that nail one that sent me over lol and the first one with the date

  • you suck learn how to spell and i have never heard of those celebs anyways, quiz failed miserably

  • dah... uhhh...

    Let me just go check where you got your spellings AND grammar from...

    *checks on google and the encyclopedia*

    Girl ! Are you sure you're from Earth? *looks at you worriedly*

    Damn! Your English just got me stunned... Do a lot of people ignore the standard and most decent form of English nowadays?!

    Lmao! appayipyip... You just took the words right out of my mind!

  • your result:
    R u a dude

    hehe, this is kind of accurate. instead of zac effron, u should have taylor lautner,hes WAY hotter

    allaround crazy
  • Couldn't you lay back on the abbreviations and webspeak when you make a quiz? That was hard to make out.

    The quiz looked more like "Hao much uf ah gurl r u11113872" than "How much of a girl are you."

    Are real words a dying language?!

  • I'm an okay balance that is so true I'm not girly nor am I tomboyish just right smack in the middle and I'm so glad and thank you for the quiz!


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