how much of a genus are you

not many people are geniuses. most likely your not either. but what the heck in tking this quiz just for the fun of it. a genus is basicaly a really really smart person who knows stuff nobody really cares about!

are you genius enough to take this qiuz? can you get 100 on it? do you have the brainpower to know it? for long people could only wonder but now, you can find out! so go ahead and take this quiz and in only a few minutes find out!

Created by: amazon

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  1. your teacher asks you to take out your homework, you are not that confident that you did well.the question was " 6*6=____ you put 22. what is the real answer?
  2. you see 1117 pencils and 5365 crayons. you need to add the to figure out how many their are together. how many are their?
  3. their are 26 students in line. 12 walk awy and slap the teacher. how many are good and didn't slap the teacher?
  4. answer this problem: (6*7)+88=____
  5. your at the store and the clerk says" lady give me all the m oney for this crappy piece of fruit" the tag says .42. you give him .40. how much do you owe. if any?
  6. you have 100 webkinz. 22 are staring at you. how many aren't?
  7. is this quiz to long for you?
  8. there are 5678 jewels. 66 fall off. how many are left?
  9. abcdefghijkl__nopg___rstuv___xyz what are the missing leters?
  10. 12345678__10 what is the missing numberz?

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Quiz topic: How much of a genus am I