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  • I got 60%... But the responses were limited... Like the one about Bert and Lyn-z... I think she's beautiful and I don't have a wang... But I wouldn't bang her... Also... I'm not SUPER into comics but I do enjoy them dearly... Usually just read Gerard's though... Also... What the hell is "tarat"? Did the quiz maker mean "tarot"? For those reasons I have it the rating I did... Could have been a 10/10... I'm still curious what cheese has to do with anything though

    Kobra Kid22
  • 45%,honestly I think I'm more of seventy or eighty but cool quiz anyways mate! MCR FOR LIFE!!!

  • These spelling errors make me SAD...

  • 50

  • 100% HE'LL YES!..... Now I'm gonna go read his tweets...MCRf---ING MY


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