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  • I think people should stop obsessing, but I found a singer on youtube named Nic Narang and he sings 1D songs pretty good. But I do hate the obsession.

  • All those ppl who just called us fans obnoxious i dot really care but when u start teasing harry louis liam niall and zayn i will track u down abd murder u!! U dont have the right to tease them and the fans arent obnoxious we r just like u but hve good taste in music!!

    And that dude who said zayn sucks go die dude now!!

    One direction are the best thing that ever happened to me!'

    I hate haters and whoever makes accounts or this website probably are losers and nerds who have nothing better to do than hate on one direction!!

    Also if ur a guy u probably r jealous that they have more girls running after them an if ur a girl them lezbian alert!!

    What happens if one direction read this?? Just because they r famous and r guys doesnt mean they dont have feelings!!

    So shut up right now!!'
    I luv 1D!!!!!!!!!!

  • randomblonde, ich lieben die Deutschen. I don't really speak it, my friend does, but still. It's pretty awesome lol. (I'm trying to somewhat learn it since she sometimes speaks in it so we don't understand what she's saying lol)

  • I'm embarrassed when I hear adults say that One Direction is actually talented. They're not.

    guns n roses
  • 20%
    good enough for me.

    I'm not overly obsessed of 1D I just think their songs are catchy :) haters gonna hate

  • 100%

    !!! I hate one direction it's so annoying I see them everywhere on tv on notebooks >:(

  • I'm glad people actually like my quiz :3

  • one direction can * kussen mein essel* ( kiss my ass) they suk and need to go bak to watever habitat they came from! listen up all yall haters! KEEP ON HATING CUZ ONE DIRECTION SUX! and their fans can go kick rox cuz nobody NOBODY cares!

  • 100% 1D is a bunch of annoying guys trying to act like they are not gay. 1D is just a load of crap.

  • I am so thankfull that their are people out there in the world with common sense!!!!

  • 100%
    I expected such.

  • 90% umm more like 1,000,000,000,000,0 00,000,000,000,000% !!!!! I HATE ONE DIRECTION AND ALL THEIR OBNOXIOUS FANS!!!!!! it felt good to let it out:)


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