How much do you need to pee?

Take this quiz, this challenge, and see how good your bladder control is, and how much you need to pee! I dare you to take the quiz and see. Answer the questions truthfully and find out the truth.

I can tell you honestly that when you come out of this quiz, you will know the answer to 'How much do you need to pee' and you will be a better master of your bladder!

Created by: IvystarGecko

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  1. Imagine peeing. The pee falls down and lands in the toilet bowl with a splash. It's trickling down.. Do you need to pee now? Just a little?
  2. If at all possible, listen to the sound of running water. Need to pee a bit?
  3. Push like you're going to pee, but don't pee. How about now?
  4. Push really hard, now. Are you ready to wet yourself?
  5. Now go into the bathroom. Sit on the toilet. DON'T PEE! Turn the tap on, just a little bit, so it sounds similar to pee. Close your eyes and imagine peeing. What about now?
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Quiz topic: How much do I need to pee?