How much do you know harry potter?

There are many potter fans, but few true potter fans. Being a true fan you must know it ALL!!! ARE YOU TRUE!?!

Prove yourself and take the quiz, and find out if you are really a true fan of the series or not!

Created by: alicethewich

  1. what's professor McGonagall's first name?
  2. whats harry's mom's name
  3. what is harry's mom
  4. what animal can harry's dad turn into
  5. whats dumledor's name
  6. what does Dumbledor leave for Hermione in his will
  7. Whats in the Golden snitch
  8. who's Crookshanks
  9. what does the symbol of the deathly hollows look like
  10. who made the marauder's map
  11. what are the deathly hollows
  12. what's harrys wand made of

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Quiz topic: How much do I know harry potter?