how much do you know about the disney movie frozen

there are many movies but frozen is my favorite u no what is frozen a story about to sisters anna and elsa whoo i i--i said a answer sorry i gave it away sorry

do YOU have the movie do you know it so ya yep yup do u have the movie to qualify that you no the movie?????????? come on lets go go go go let it let it go

Created by: otty

  1. elsa has what powers
  2. what is elsa's sister name
  3. elsa is the...........
  4. elsa's fave color is
  5. elsa wears her hair in what braid???
  6. elsa is
  7. what happened to the king and queen
  8. elsa and anna live in
  9. why doesn't elsa tell anna her secret
  10. bye rate and comment

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the disney movie frozen