How much do you know about sonic the hedghog

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Yahhoo its a new quiz this time about my pal sonic i hope yall like it Disclaimer: i dont own sonic he belongs to sega Sonic " nods his head " my okay now sonic say hello " sup" me rollz eyes

Now my little sparklyies go go! Why arent you going ? Sigh whateves just do what your going to do , take it or leave it , do it or dont , sigh why dont they listen to me?

Created by: Sparkle fox girl

  1. What color is sonic
  2. How old is sonic
  3. Who is his ( cute) bestie
  4. Who loves sonic
  5. Who does sonic love
  6. What color are his eyes
  7. What colors are his shoes
  8. What was his first game
  9. When was that game
  10. Well one last question : who does he hate

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about sonic the hedghog