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  • But witches are real, and they're not evil or dangerous. I know that they aren't dangerous. A person who studies witchcraft is a witch.

  • I did say real witches so they are true facts. If you think they aren't dangerous I never said they were. They were not ever witches, they were SAID to be witches. This isn't a test saying that witches are real.

  • You know 23% about witches!

    For this level quiz that's quite a good score. If you want to be a real witch hunter or something you need to practise though.

    Why in the world would I want to be a witch hunter?!?! (By the way, you spelled practice wrong). A lot of innocent women and children died. And who cares if they're a witch?! They aren't hurting anyone. Witches aren't dangerous or mean or any of that stereotypical thing that society has made them out to be.


  • awesome!!!

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