how much do you know about animals?

There are many smart people, but a few are true animal geniuses. Are you one of them? By taking this quiz you will find out very soon... good luck out there.

Are you a animal genius? Are you smart enough for that prestigious title? Only now you could wonder. But thanks to this test you will find out very soon.

Created by: shoottowin

  1. (Easy) The Fastest animal on land is a cheetah.
  2. (Easy) The most intelligent animal on earth (humans dont count) is a dog
  3. (Average) Which one has the smallest weight?
  4. (Easy) A dog is a mammal
  5. (Hard) Who runs faster?
  6. (Extremely easy) What does a lion eat?
  7. (Average) A ostrich lays the biggest eggs of all birds.
  8. (Hard) Who has more powerful toxic?
  9. (Extremely hard) What colour is hippo milk?
  10. (Easy) A lion is bigger than a bullshark
  11. Ok. You came this far. Now this will be much harder. (Hard) A bat is a mammal
  12. (Extremely hard) A platypus is venomnous creature.
  13. (Only for real real real pro's) A platypus can lay eggs
  14. (Extremely hard) Who is faster?
  15. Last one (The most hardest of all) All polar bears are irish.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about animals?