How much do you have too pee

Do you need to pee.Find out.Push your bladder let some pee out and after this go pee.If some is doing this quiz after your done and need to pee annoy them good!

LAME LAME LAME QUIZ.I hope you'll pee yourself.Byebyebyebyebye.Pee peepeepeepeepeepee pepepepepepepeppepepepepepepepepeppepepepeppe pe yourself !!!!!!!

Created by: cats

  1. This is more of a dare then question.Try to drink one cup of any drink.What do you feel when you push?
  2. What movment are you doing in your chair?
  3. Try to let something out
  4. When did you pee last?
  5. Sit on the toilet,with no pants but dont let the pee go.How do you feel
  6. Think about the sea.
  7. Peepee dance?
  8. Tinkle.tinkle,little star....
  9. Put on the shower!
  10. It is lame right

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Quiz topic: How much do I have too pee