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  • I got 22% like u oops lol

    The music one was kinda restricting cus they were all pop (except for maybe the ones at the bottom I didnt know what they were) I chose Kesha cus she used to be my fav (like absolute favourite ever) singer when I was 11 and basically my whole life before that so I chose her but ya guess Im not like u at allllll lol also my hair is dyed and I wear skinny jeans and I wear glasses SADLY and other stuff I forgot what i answered I said my fav colour is black

  • 17%

  • I liked this quiz, there couldve been more questions but it was still pretty good:) nice job=D

  • This quiz waz da bomb!!!! lol. I am not close to my personality, to yours!!!! I got like 21% the same personality. Well i have commented and wrote this, so good job on making the quiz! TTYL! bye.

  • Could have put more personal questions, but it was okay you made a fine quiz.


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