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  • I'm sorry, but this quiz is an utter insult, it's horrible! I love kids, but I would only want one or two, and I'm not going to go to crazy extremes to get my kids whatever the hell they like! And what the hell does what I was like as a kid or how many siblings I have have to do with how many kids I'll have?! Sorry, this was not a good quiz. :(

  • i dont like to f*** and i kno how to handle my business to myself to keep preventing me to have so many babies but i just like kids when they crack me up and thats a motivation to me when i graduate from college to decide if i want some or not. but some kids are bad and annoying and disrecpectful now i be got dang if my kids turn out to be that way, thats all i got to say.

    resa will
  • Um. This /was/ a little bit insulting. I think perhaps you should try to put some things a little more politely.

    The Popolisk
  • I think I will have three and I got 2-4 for a more appropriate quiz ( I made it I should know ) go to w w w . g o t o q u I z . c o m / F r 9 F B

  • im 11 and im taking this quiz lol
    Your Result: 2 to 4
    I think about adopting kids

  • These tools! These crazy biches!

  • i got 2 to 4 kids! and i'm a girl, ;D and im only ___ years old, but im yonger than, 10 and older that 5. so that means, im, ugh... idk

  • 2-4 yayyyy


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