How likely are you to wet yourself? Quiz

Wetting yourself is possibly the most embarrassing thing someone can ever experience. It is dreadful. Many, many people experience it; whether it is alone, when they're drunk, or in public.

Are you going to wet yourself. Will you experience the embarrassment of a yellow torrent streaming down your leg, soaking everything in your path? Feel those watching eyes? Find out below.

Created by: ThatPerson

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  1. How many times do you pee in a day?
  2. How much liquid do you think you can hold in your bladder?
  3. How badly do you need to pee before you go?
  4. How long after the first urge until you think you would wet yourself?
  5. In your day-to-day life, how long do you go between having the opportunity to go to the toilet?
  6. You think you might need the toilet. You have the opportunity to go. If you don't go, you won't have another opportunity to go for another 2 hours. Do you go to the toilet?
  7. When you are absolutely bursting, how long can you hold your pee before you wet yourself?
  8. When you are absolutely bursting, what movement would make you wet?
  9. What is the longest you think you will have to go without a toilet for in the next year?
  10. Are you willing to pee somewhere that isn't a toilet?
  11. If you accidentally pee a little, are you able to stop?

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Quiz topic: How likely am I to wet myself? Quiz