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  • To: XxScarlet LovexX

    I like your analagy except that the fact THAT IT IS WRONG!!! I didn't want to drag anyone up to my level. I, in fact am very pretty and have been told lots of times. I just found Kadid's quiz and messed it up. Who can blame me? I was full of hate that day, and seeing you coment fills me with rage once again. That last part was uncalled for and completely uncivilized. You need to get a life, because after all you are a stupid looser.

    Dragon Keeper
  • I'm sorry your house burnt down and I hope things will get better...I'd love to give you a huig but all i can do is say some encouraging words so Dont worry everything will be ok you just have to believe things will get better and believe me, they will

    Hope you'll be ok See you! ;)

  • I hate this quiz. Obviously, the maker of this quiz is not hot, so they wanna drag everyone else down to their level. Well, I'm not falling for it, b**ch!

    XxScarlet LovexX
  • Junk quiz, made no sense...

    Duhh Sunshinee
  • KNEW IT! I got 3%! I JUST KNEW IT!


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