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  • Your Result: 58% of the time you eat right

    I am a picky eater, I would have to say. I do NOT like (hate) a lot of foods that a lot of people like (butter, mynase{however you spell it{ any dressings, ranch, sour cream, anything luqiod to put over salad ect.) I think it runs in the family, my brothers and sisters think the same. I also do not like any of my foods mixed, and worse still I would get sick if anyone put seafood or any meat other than chicken or turkey in my mouth. I prefer my foods light and dry for example, this it has what I would have in a sub:

    turkey or chicken
    po sablly lettuce

    I would NEVER have anything else than that, and I just have my own style of eating, a lot like one of my sisters. I have to admit I DO like a lot of junk foods, but I'm in pretty good shape right now.

    I hope everything will stay this way and I will get even better results next time!

  • I got 49.

    Okay, first of all, I am a VEGAN. Second of all, I'm really skinny. Third, I don't like doctorss, fourth, athletic? Ew. I don't even like athletic guys,....

  • 44% :)


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