How full is your bladder

Is your bladder completely empty or full to bursting point? Find out if you need to rush to a toilet or if you can take your time and have a few drinks on the way.

You won't need any equipment but you will need to have some privacy and be willing to press on your bladder to judge accurately how full it is and how much longer you can hold it.

Created by: Pee pee

  1. How desperate does your bladder feel
  2. How long since your last pee
  3. How much have you had to drink since your last pee
  4. Press your bladder. How does it feel
  5. Open your legs wide and don't hold yourself
  6. Have a drink
  7. How much longer do you think you could hold
  8. Would you like to pee now
  9. Listen to running water
  10. How full do you feel now

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Quiz topic: How full is my bladder

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