How fat would you like your lover?

As a fat girl ( almoast at 600 Lbs ) i was wondering how big people would like there partners i know mine wants me the size of the moon and i kinda wanna be too!

so answer this quize to find out how fat you want your lover? like me ( Massave) or tiney? any way i hope you enjoy this quiz!!!!!! Good luck yall !!!

Created by: Kelly

  1. You see a girl in a restraunt a bit on the chubby side what are you thinking?
  2. You start going out whith here were will you take her?
  3. She gains 100lbs and cant fit into her clothes what will u do?
  4. You are sitting watching a movie and she says she is hungry what do you do?
  5. During a session of 'play time' your girl lays ontop of you wjat are you thinkng?
  6. sooo she wants you to fell her bodey were would you touch
  7. you meet her thin friends you..
  8. You get home and she is hungry you?
  9. You brake up with her how do you feel?
  10. You see a girl about 400 lbs you...

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Quiz topic: How fat would you like my lover?