How fat will you be in a year?

Well, you actually found this quiz. I have no idea how, but you did. And you're probably wondering, "How stupid is this quiz?" Believe me, if you actually searched this up, you're probably wondering what your body shape will be like in the future.

So do you want to find out? If not, just press that big ol' arrow pointing left. If you are, then take this quiz! This quiz guesses your daily habits and puts them into one result. Please do not be offended if you did not get what you came for. I cannot say I am 100% accurate. Some people change their habits. And hey, if you got something bad and don't like it, change it yourself! Take a few minutes of your time to complete this test! And remember, it's who you believe you are that counts.

Created by: xxpoundsxx

  1. What are your daily eating habits?
  2. What types of candy do you like?
  3. This quiz is about how fat you get in a year. Do you want to get fatter, skinnier, or just stay the same?
  4. This is optional. Get your tightest shirt (If you have one) and put in on you. Tuck your shirt into your pants (Get some on if you aren't wearing any) Now get your shirt and lift it up super fast. Does your belly jiggle alot?
  5. Another optional one. Wear a pair of jeans you last wore a year ago because it stopped fitting you. Can you get it on? If you can, is there any muffin top, or your stomach poking out?
  6. Stand up and look at your ankles. What do you see?
  7. Now, sit down and look down. What do you see?
  8. What did you have for your last lunch?
  9. If you had pizza, how many slices do you regularly eat?
  10. You go to a restaurant with an all you can eat menu for only 10$. What would you get?
  11. What's your favourite type of meat?
  12. What do others think you are?
  13. How fast do you think your metabolism is?
  14. Are you a depression eater?
  15. Choose one of the things below and do them because it's your break right now.
  16. Ok, break time is over. Lets get real. Now, pretend you're in high school and you're in a cafeteria lineup with 10$. A small pizza (Whole) is 4$ and cookies are 1$. There's also a burger for 6$ with a patty, buns (Duh) condiments, and on the side, a little bit of fries. Which would you buy? Would you save some money?
  17. Do you like fat?
  18. (For people younger than 18) If you got 100$ and your parents said "Spend that money on food ONLY" Would you listen?
  19. (For people older than 18) You found 1k on the floor and you are freaking out and overexcited. You want to take a vacation because you have 2k extra in your bank. You find a hotel that offers free food every day and a free dinner buffet. You pay 100$ a day and everything in the hotel is fancy as hell. The plane admission is 1k for go to and back. What would you be doing with your time at this hotel.
  20. Final questions. Are you actually doing this quiz or answering random questions to see what random result you get? (No effect)
  21. Second last question. How often do you excersize?
  22. Final question!!! Ok. Here goes. Do you play video games alot/watch netflix/watch tv?
  23. Ok, ok. This is the final question. I lied last time. Right now, at this very moment, how "Fat" are you? Please do not take this offensive. I'm not trying to be offensive in the least bit.
  24. Well, you're all done! I forgot to put "Buff" or "Bulk" so if you get skinny, regular, or a little flabby you could be buff or bulk.

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Quiz topic: How fat will I be in a year?