How evil are you?

There are many nice people and bad people, but are you evil? Soon you Will find out with this quiz i made for you... I hope you arent evil... Thats not safe

Are you evil? Maybe you are... But if you take this quiz you Will find out very Soon. Good luck and get a good result. Tip: most evil people have a extremely and dangerously high IQ

Created by: shoottowin

  1. How many times did you beat someone up?
  2. Do you want somebody to be in pain?
  3. Do you wear guns?
  4. Did you ever got expelled?
  5. How many friends you have? (Only friends in real life count)
  6. Are you quick angry?
  7. Did you ever killed someone? (Or injured major)
  8. Is your IQ dangerously high? (Like Above 150)
  9. Did you ever got so angry you killed a buncha people?
  10. Here are the results, what are you?

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Quiz topic: How evil am I?