how cool are you

i am cool, but are you? to use up the space i am required to use i will just go on like this i got 85-100% cool i hope you are too! lol . . . is this excessive cant find any space to talk for ever enjoy

do my quiz to find out how cool you are my friends are only 50% cool at best so good luck but i no all te answers hahahahaha ahem... hahahahahaha . is this excessive i mean what is the point of using 150 pointless characters that no one will even read?? enjoy

Created by: freddo

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. where do you hang out
  2. how much people do you hang out with
  3. what do you do
  4. what music do you like
  5. your favourite sport is ...(english alternatives in brackets)
  6. do you smoke
  7. why are you taking this quiz
  8. sorry lack of ability to think of questions. what is ur fav colour
  9. birthday month
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Quiz topic: How cool am I