how blak are you

lets see if your black or white most of the people who take this dont get great scores because alot of the people who do take it are white and dont know what to write

if you want to get a 100% this quiz is mostly steriotype but dont lie try to actually see how black you are this quiz does not like it is very truthful

Created by: jhon

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like grape koolaid
  2. is your name extremely steriotipicly black
  3. if you had fried chicken some grape koolaid and watermelon what is your reaction
  4. if you walk out side and see your friend get shot
  5. do you listen to rap
  6. do you have a pistol by your side at all times
  7. what kind of car do you have
  8. who do you live with
  9. did your sister have a child when she was younger than 20
  10. what is your athnicity
  11. what is your clothing style
  12. what kind of water do you srink
  13. do you eat dinner with your whole family
  14. and to end it all do you think your ghetto

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Quiz topic: How blak am I