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  • I am a full grown female at the age of 50.

    I have such a tiny bladder (my kids and husband have them 100 times larger than mine) that I need to pee basically every second.

    My bladder is always full, there is never a time it has not.

    I even have medical care for my bladder, but I still have to wear diapers 24/7. Changing is hard; I let out a squirt every millisecond.

    And yes, I am a 50-year-woman with a super tiny bladder.

    I Am A Human
  • I have the tiniest bladder ever. I (a 15 yo girl) still fill my diapie with pee every 10 minutes, and it's been over 6 months since I last made it to the toilet on time, and the one time I did, the moment I left the bathroom I soaked my diapie and pants! Not to mention I also can't control pooping in my diapie, either, in fact my diapie currently has a humongous bulge in the back, oooooh it feels SOOO GOOOD

    • I felt like I was going to burst like that geyser did. It was extremely full and bulging alot and I was shaking and squeezing my legs closed from the desperation. When I stood up I let out a couple drips and was losing control fast as I ran to the bathroom


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