How big is your bladder?

It is natural for humans to feel competative with each other. For many of us, having a large bladder is a source of pride. Others are simply curious how their bladder compares to average.

How large is your bladder? It if is large, congradulations! Feel free to challenge weaker friends with this quiz and humiliate them. If not, don't lose heart. Bladders can be trained to be stronger, if it ever becomes a problem.

Created by: Noah

  1. Let's see how big your bladder is. First pee, and then drink a bottle of water or measure out 500ml of water and drink it. Now wait fifteen minutes. What do you feel?
  2. How many times do you typically pee in a day?
  3. How much water do you typically drink? Try your best to estimate
  4. Drink another bottle of water or 500ml. Wait twenty minutes this time. How do you feel now?
  5. Push down on your bladder. How full does it feel?
  6. Let's make sure the water gets down to your bladder. Do fifty jumping jacks. How badly do you need to pee now?
  7. Let's wait another ten minutes. You think you can do that?
  8. A big part of holding your bladder is psychological. Put your hand under a warm tap for a minute. How badly do you need to pee now?
  9. Read the following paragraphs: In a geyser, water rushes into an underground cavern that quickly fills up, and pressure inside the cavern builds up, and builds up, until the water simply cannot be contained, and is bursts out in a huge spurt of water until all the pressure is gone. Sarah rushed inside. Of course she got stuck in traffic the day she ordered a 24 ounce coffee. Bladder throbbing, she sprinted up the stairs to her appartment. When she finally got opened the door, she gasped and grabbed her crotch to stop a squirt of pee from leaking out. She gritted her teeth, but the trickle became a stream. She sat down in a puddle of pee. The Hoover Dam holds back over 2 millions tons of water.
  10. Okay. You are done. You may now pee. How long did you pee for?

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