How Badly Do You Have to Pee?

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Don't be embarrassed you're taking this quiz! Everyone has to pee. It's part of being human. Embrace the fact that you need to urinate on a daily basis.

But, do you really have to pee? Maybe you don't know. Maybe you can't decide. Maybe, your mom is yelling at you to hurry up and pee. Take this quiz so you can know for sure.

Created by: amazon

  1. Okay, first off, do you know what pee is?
  2. Are you potty-trained?
  3. Are you fidgeting at all right now?
  4. How much have you had to drink today?
  5. Have you peed today?
  6. Think about the sound of trickling water. What does it make you do?
  7. Have you left your device for anything while taking this quiz?
  8. What do you think of taking away the toilet in Sims?
  9. So, do you think you have to pee?
  10. Okay, now, after you take this, if you get a high number, go relieve yourself, kay? I don't want you to wet yourself.

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Quiz topic: How Badly do I Have to Pee?