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  • 94% Baby! The worm did me in, started me leaking in spurts.

    It says get to the bathroom, I have about 1 minute, you are starting to wet yourself. Well it's right! I see a warm wet spot growing on my pants as I sit here typing and rocking. The spot is growing faster now, and has that shine starting. Clearly, I'm going to pee my pants right here, so I'll just relax and enjoy the warm wetness, Ahhhhhh that feels so good!

  • Nice quiz. I knew I really needed to pee, and this confirmed it. The worm almost broke the seal.

    I got 92% full on the quiz, and it said I'm spurting in my underwear, and have about a minute. Both true I think. If I get up I WILL pee my pants, and yes, there is a wet spot growing on the front of my pants as I type here. Damn I'm close.. The pressure is crazy, and the pee tingles are so intense.. Still here though, and more then a minute has passed. Oops! there another spurt. Need both hands so gotta stop typing here. Anyone else wet??

  • This almost made me go lol... can't stop dancing for the life of me. bursting so bad!

  • now i have to get alot of diapers after that.


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