How bad do you need to pee?

Sometimes, you've just gotta go and thankfully, there is a quiz to see if now is one of those times. Answer truthfully and you will know if you need to pee.

Do YOU need to pee? You're not sure? Then this is the quiz for you! Within minutes you will know something you only could dream of knowing before - Do you need to pee?!?

Created by: LOLforFUN

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  1. So how much pressure is in your bladder?
  2. Press down on your bladder. what do you feel?
  3. Go and sit on the toilet fully clothed. What happened?
  4. How much did you drink in the past 2 hours?
  5. When did you last pee?
  6. Do the worm!! Try to anyway.
  7. Relax your muscles until your are about to pee, then stop. How long did it take?
  8. How close are you to wetting yourself?
  9. How are you holding it?
  10. When would you usually go pee?

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Quiz topic: How bad do I need to pee?