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  • I did this with my friends at a sleepover: Me, Jennifer, Melony, Cathy and Nikki. We could all see Cathy needed to go before we started the quiz, but we all had to drink a large cup of water 30 mins before. Cathy was first to pee, then Jennifer 4 seconds after. Me, Melony and Nikki were still holding on. "I do not have to pee at all" said Melony, but as she said it she gasped and peed! That left me and Nikki, till Nikki peed on question 8. "Yes I won!" I shouted. But then I grabbed my crotch and pee spurted down my legs. We all fell about laughing

  • I did this with my sister for a joke because she was already really desperate. She peed on question 1 l laughed at her and drank 3 glasses of water. We went out with our friends for a concert an hour away. A few minutes later I was about to pee. I held it until the concert when we got there l was about to go but the concert was starting when it started l couldn't take it anymore l peed my sister laughed at me

    Ana Cortes
  • Last night, I had the best dream. Well, in my dream, I had to pee Superbad and I was at the park. There were six little blonde boys and girls, all looking like they were in the same family. All of them looked under age 5. The youngest looked two. There were these three year old quadruplets (three boys, one girl) and the oldest two were four year old twin sisters. There were also four little red head girls with green eyes and freckles, they looked about three. And five little black headed boys of six. And a little boy of five wearing a cowboy hat. I was sitting on a bench watching the fourteen children play together. When suddenly I had to pee. It was BAD! So I got up and ran to find a bathroom, being twelve, I knew that I couldn't let myself pee, not in front of a bunch of little kids. The bathrooms were all locked! I panicked! I couldn't squat and pee in front of a bunch of little kids! But it would be embarrassing if I wet myself. I potty danced. Then I noticed that the little kids were watching me! I spurted! Then I couldn't control the flow! The flow was uncontrollable! The little kids stared at me, then the littlest red head girl started to cry, her pants looked soaked. She had wet her pants.

    That's when I woke up, with a puddle in my bed...

  • aargh! Seungmin is in the bathroom showering (he always takes super long and we only have one bathroom in the dorms) and i feel like im gonna explode!

  • Got 84% and a GO HOW! Why would I do that? I have absorbent pants on. Time for another quiz :)

  • I am going to wet if I get up what shall I do

    Anna Jarvis
    • same with me. I can go in half an hour but that is a long time .

      Ana Cortes
    • Me too


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