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  • Yesterday was Halloween, my bff, Haley, wore a scary mask, really scary. We were having a sleepover. Haley kept her mask under her pillow, in the middle of the night she stood over me with her mask on. I woke up and screamed, really loud and high pitched, it woke up Zoe and Lexi. I was peeing. By the time I realized it was only Haley I was soaked with pee everywhere! Haley laughed until she peed in her pants. So did Lexi and Zoe. :(

  • I did this quiz. I believe in slender man. My friend was trying to scare me and we was at forest. When he said "HE GRABS YOU" and he grabed me so I think it was slender man,I screamed and wet myself in the same time. Easly scared and weak bladder aren't good match.

  • I wear diapers. I started peeing and when I pushed to try and poop diarrhea came out. I leaked some pee pee out into my underwear. It was a mess to clean up. The poop was nasty, but I love wetting my diaper until it leaks!

  • 91%. Yes a pee would be great now. The toilet is 2 levels up from where I am. Can I make it, or should I just stay here and pee my pants. decisions, decisions.

  • You're right I do have a huge bulge and I'm leaking but I'm in a bus with no bathroom, using my phone :/

  • Well this quiz was original....10/10. It was kinda weird though


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