How bad do you need a pee?

Most people can tell when they need to pee. Others can have trouble with that. Some just clicked over here for a pee challenge. This quiz is for all of those people!

I have to pee right now, as in my legs are twisted in inhumanly strange positions and my waist is 3 inches wider. Can you last through my Urinary Boot Camp?

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  1. Do the splits. Go as far down as you possibly can, but you don't have to touch the ground. Go on. Do it.
  2. You are on a school bus. One of the buses was out for repair, so two buses of kids are crammed on one bus. You're jammed between two really hot people of the opposite gender. Setback: You have to pee. Like, you HAVE TO PEE. And the guys/girls are trying to talk to you. There are 23 stops until your house. You try to refrain from doing anything embarrassing, but it just becomes horrible. You are trying to find a discreet way to hold yourself when you dribble a bit. What do you do?
  3. Lets do an aerobics routine! Start doing a curlup, then stop in the middle of it and sit curled like that for 3 seconds. Do the curl-hold 5 times.
  4. Irene ran into science class with her binders in front of her stomach, trying to hide the bulge of her overfilled bladder. She set her books down and folded her hands in her lap, a coverup for holding herself. The teacher explained the lesson, taking what seemed like hours to Irene and her poor bladder. Finally, he stopped, and Irene's hand shot up. He walked over. "Yes, Irene?" "May I use the restroom, Mr. Cooley?" "Not right now, Irene. Finish your assignment." Irene stared at her cell division worksheet like it was a moon rock. She couldn't concentrate. She leaked a little pee, just enough for a pinpoint wet spot. Of course, Mr. Cooley noticed, and gave the poor girl a hall pass. She ran out into the hallway, only to be stopped by a Mr. Cooley... With ropes and duct tape. He dragged her into the staff bathroom, tied her up on top of the toilet, and left. Irene stared down in misery. The seat was open, but she was wearing brand new white skinnies. After ten minutes, she was able to slip her hands out. Her jeans were tied to her thighs, but she could push then just enough to allow about six inches of clearance. She sighed and relaxed... but nothing came. She swore, remembering her extremely conditional bladder, and cried. Finally, the librarian came in and looked into Irene's eyes. For some reason, Irene's bladder found that good and let loose. Irene closed her eyes, and for four minutes she urinated with the librarian staring at her. The golden flow came slowly but surely as her abdomen sank in. She didn't care about anything anymore except the immense relief.
  5. You have a CHOICE ACTIVITY now. Do one, then answer the question. Or, do all three (without stopping inbetween) and get a Toilet Pass (one trip to the toilet at any point in the quiz). a) Sit down somewhere and relax everything (no holding or bouncing) for 5 seconds. b) Get in a squat position and forcefully try to poop. c) Pour a bottle of water into the toilet and listen to it splashing around.
  6. So, everyone who did all three... What happened?
  7. How much pressure do you feel in your penis? (Girls answer with the last one)
  8. Is your hand wrapped around the *area*?
  9. Go get the smallest cup you can find. Pee in it, but stop when the cup is full. Then pour it into a container (later you will need it)
  10. Take your pants off, and put something under you to catch any pee as you do 20 jumping jacks. Then, pour the pee into the container from earlier.
  11. If you think you can hold it, please, by all means, continue holding. If not, go ahead and let loose in your container. Some of you may want to keep extra containers handy. If you do pee in the container, remember, your results only apply to your state before you peed.
  12. If you peed, get a pitcher. Pour your pee in and measure it. How much was it?

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