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  • How Atlanta are you?
    Your Result: You are kind of Atlanta

    I'm From South Eastern Georgia.I Guessed On Most Of This.


    You know this town pretty well, but you don't know everything. You probably spend most of your time outside the perimeter. You are probably from somewhere else, but you have moved here recently. Stop taking these online quizzes and get out and enjoy this great town!

    84% You are a visitor of Atlanta
    53% You are Atlanta!
    16% You don't know Atlanta

    Kiersten 1D
  • I'm a native of Atlanta and have lived here nearly 50 years. Some of these questions were more geared toward younger people, and some of them were definitely things that most young people wouldn't know or care about. I guess that means that very few people would get a perfect or near perfect score.

  • You should show the answers after the quiz is taken:) I wanna know what I missed!

  • >:(


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