How and Where will you tickle her?

If you really like to tickle and want to find out your tickle strengths, well here’s a quiz that’ll tell u. Random words. Um, Patrick star. Burritos. Letters need 100 characters so I’m keep type until i reach limit still not there. Getting there. Now I should be there hopefully

Feet, toes, belly, or button! Tickle tickle. More random stuff. Just take the quiz. It’ll be fun! More letters and numbers. Up up down down left right left right. BA start. Heh. Bleh morp. Doggo are cool. Spongebob is awesome

Created by: Mcbumpersnazzle

  1. Where is you favorite place to tickle?
  2. She is tied up and everywhere is vulnerable. Where do you tickle first?
  3. Her feet are tied up and she can’t move them. Which part of her feet do you tickle?
  4. Belly is vulnerable. Where do you tickle?
  5. What is your favorite tool?
  6. How long will u tickle?
  7. Want her to tickle you?
  8. She has a belly button ring. What do you do?
  9. U like the quiz?
  10. Is tickling fun?

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Quiz topic: How and Where will I tickle her?