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  • You are 41% addicted to the internet!

    The internet is fun and you enjoy spending time on it. You're not really in any danger yet though - quite a healthy score!

    Better than what I thought i'd get lol. everybody thinks i'm addicted to the computer. sure i spend much of my time on it, unless i find something really fun to do. but idc. i <3 the computer. i'd die without it.

    Puppy xo1
  • You are 83% addicted to the internet!

    The internet's starting to take you over! You probably spend too much time online. Be careful or your case could worsen.

    Woah!!! =o Lol

  • You are 20% addicted to the Internet!

    Really ? A low score? Expected something like 85%. I can spend all my time on the Internet.

  • I am 41% addicted to the internet. I THOUGHT I WOULD BE A PC FREAK!

    Say wha
  • 0% addicted?
    not really im more like 32%

    lol time
  • lmao i got 77% addicted an im only 12!!!!

  • 32% addicted

  • Oh and on U.S. msp friend meh I'm flameprincess2003 lvl:13 gender:Female Vip?:Used to be.

    Say wha

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