Houndlover's series to look for!!!

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Created by: Houndlover

  1. Crocodile Adventurers. Me and my sister played this game, and were inspired by the crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin, so I'll bring that into a action story.
  2. And I will do a sequel (a small one Weirdo)(Weirdo is Weirdhead BTW) and it will be called 'Isabella's Story'
  3. Look for 'Merma girl'. Merma girl is a super hero, who has aquatic powers. I'm making it into a book, so yah.
  4. Look out for 'Wings of Fire: Pantla Love Story for Girls' I'm making a story carrying on from after Blue and Cricket.
  5. I'm making a series like thing on my OC my little ponies.
  6. Continue looking for 'Mako Mermaid Adventure'
  7. And, that's it for now.
  8. So can I hope you look for these?
  9. So, have a nice rest of the day,
  10. Bye!

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